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Unlock Value Through Condo Price Improvements

March 13, 2024

Condos by EPIC is looking to unlock value through condo price improvements. The current condo ownership landscape is more enticing than ever. EPIC is redefining affordability and accessibility, making the dream of owning a stylish, modern living space a reality for a broader spectrum of individuals. With a visionary approach, we are reshaping the landscape, persistently breaking down barriers to create a new standard for contemporary living.


EPIC condominiums are typically located in the heart of urban hubs. This allows condo residents the opportunity to be in close proximity to entertainment options, dining establishments, and cultural experiences. The proximity to these attractions minimizes commute times. It allows residents to effortlessly integrate work, leisure, and social activities into their daily lives. Additionally, another notable convenience of condo living is the streamlined maintenance. With shared common areas and professional management, residents can enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle. Exterior upkeep, landscaping, and other communal responsibilities are typically handled by the condo association. This frees up residents’ time to focus on personal pursuits and recreational activities.

The Arch, situated in downtown Fargo, and Spirit, located at The Beacon in downtown Grand Forks, have recently undergone substantial price improvements. These improvements in affordability present a rare and exclusive opportunity to redefine your living arrangements.


Embracing the condominium lifestyle offers a wealth of amenities for residents. Our condominiums prioritize safety and security, featuring controlled access points and round-the-clock surveillance systems to ensure resident well-being. Additionally, residents and guests benefit from secure and convenient parking options, including underground facilities. Furthermore, our advanced fitness facilities are meticulously curated to offer the utmost sophistication. Our fitness centers include premium exercise equipment, an extensive selection of free weights, and abundant natural light, collectively ensuring an elevated and refined workout experience tailored to your optimal well-being.

Possessing a condominium offers a profound sense of ownership coupled with the prospect of financial gains. From the accrual of equity to the freedom of customization and the assurance of stable, predictable payments, these factors represent just a few compelling reasons for individuals to contemplate condominium ownership. It’s time to love where you call home. Treat yourself to an upgrade and discover the array of possibilities available with Condos by EPIC.

Explore the possibilities in your chosen city by visiting the Condos by EPIC website. If you’re eager to tour your potential new home today, don’t hesitate to schedule a tour with Taryn, our director of condominium sales.

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